Alice & Mia

Shifting Nouns

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“I’m standing here in a group of women, all strangers. They’re warm and kind, inclusive, as though I’m any other woman. Am I? I’ve seen myself in the mirror. I find me… disorienting. What do they see that I don’t? Why aren’t they laughing at me?”

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Twined Fragments is an ongoing collaboration between authors Miriam Suzanne & Allison Washington. Each fragment is sparked by the previous, as trans women of different generations pass their memories back and forth, reflecting on lives and transitions separated by a quarter-century.

Working through these fragments of reflection lets us touch on moments and emotions that are sometimes too painful to interrogate deeply. In conversation, we do together what we could not alone. The result leaves us with more questions than answers, and we love that.

We want those questions, and hope you will extend this conversation in the comments, on social media, or by contacting us directly.

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