Alice & Mia

Welcome to the collaborative writing and podcasting of trans-feminine authors Allison Washington & Miriam Suzanne — exploring gender and transition separated by a quarter-century.

Sex, Love, & Romance

“A few months into my gender transition I’m living full-time as a woman. I don’t have many guy friends, but my guitarist is one. Parting, I lean in for the cheek-kiss but he plants a good one right on my lips. His wife raises an amused eyebrow, Ha, well, I guess you two get to do that now.

Shifting Nouns

“I’m standing here in a group of women, all strangers. They’re warm and kind, inclusive, as though I’m any other woman. Am I? I’ve seen myself in the mirror. I find me… disorienting. What do they see that I don’t? Why aren’t they laughing at me?”